Limestone Flooring

Limestone Flooring

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Formed over millions of years, limestone is a sedimentary rock most often formed in a marine environment, and as such you’ll often find a huge range of fossils that have become part of the calcification process. Many of our individual limestone tiles feature clearly visible ammonites and other invertebrates as part of their appearance.

No two limestone tiles share the same pattern, and this uniqueness helps us to create stunning limestone floors that bring a true feeling of organic warmth to any room. While you may not instantly equate stone with warmth, once your new limestone floor is complete we’re confident you’ll appreciate the remarkable properties inherent in limestone – and you can choose from many available colours and patterns.

From our Pietra Bianca that boasts an almost pure-white colour and tiny speckles that look like champagne bubbles, to darker colours such as our Bluestone – a grey-black stone that has been used for centuries in some of the world’s finest buildings, including Notre-Dame Cathedral. Take a look through our collection of limestone tiles and you’ll see a wide variety of colours – perfect to complement any existing décor or to become the inspiration for a renovation project. As more and more homeowners appreciate the beauty and affordability of limestone flooring we’re happy to bring them out of the kitchen and install floors in bathrooms, living rooms, conservatories and dining rooms too – creating a more open feel to any space.

Our limestone comes from trusted suppliers throughout the world, with different geology creating the wide variety of stone. Easily cleaned with a simply ph balanced soap, the increased popularity of limestone tiles means you’ll probably find an affordable Marseilles type soap at your local supermarket. Whether you prefer Jura Beige or Rocca Verde, we carry a huge stock of limestone and oriental basalt tiles ready for immediate dispatch. You can even order a sample of your chosen limestone tiles – click the ‘Order Sample’ button on the individual pages or get in touch to speak to one of our limestone specialists.

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