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Granite tiles are popular primarily because of their durability, but they can also be very attractive. The black comes in a special flamed and brushed satino finish which renders it matt with a lovely textured surface

We have a massive selection of granite for use as kitchen work surfaces or as paving and tiles. From the ever popular Absolute Black granite, Tan Brown, through to kashmir White . If you don’t see it then please enquire.

GRANITE PAVING. They are available for interior use in 1cm thickness but as 20 or 30mm for exterior paving or terraces, patios, footpaths and any outside use.

Browse our complete range of slate, travertine, marble and limestone tiles, antiqued stone flooring, heating pads and mosaic tiles, then call 020 7993 5437 to speak to one of our stone flooring experts, they’ll be happy to help with advice, information and orders for any of our natural stone tiles.

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Showing all 6 results