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Noce Romano travertine

STONE FLOORING DIRECT is dedicated to sourcing and making available the best in Travertine flooring at prices you can afford.

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Travertine floor

Tumbled Travertine from only £19.95/m² + vat. Aegean tumbled is a rich blend of colours

Aegean Tumbled Opus pattern and 600 x 400 x 12mm thick

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Travertine flooring

Premium Travertine
Premium Light
Beautiful creamy travertine
Aegean Travertine
Ephesus Travertine
Wonderful travertine from £19.00/m² + vat..
Light Travertine Tiles
Light Travertine
Nice price light travertine..
Romano Travertine
Roman style with lines..
Medium Light Travertine tiles
Medium Light
Classic rich travertine..
Noce Romano Travertine tiles
Noce Romano
Romano deep brown linear grain..
Noce Travertine Tiles
Noce Honed
Cross cut honed and filled brown travertine..
Giallo, Yellow Travertine
Yellow or Giallo
Zingy yellow travertine..
light brushed travertine
Light Brushed
Unfilled with sawn edges..
Rosso Red Travertine tiles
Black with grey fossils..
Dark Emperador Marble
Noce Brushed
Unfilled sawn edges..
Brushed distressed edge travertine
Brushed Distressed Edge
Antiqued face and edge..
Light tumbled travertine
Light Tumbled
Classic light tumbled travertine..
Rojo Alicante
Fantasia Brushed
Purple Grey Travertine..
Mont Blanc Marble
Tumbled and Filled
Pre-filled tumbled travertine..
Medium Brushed Travertine tiles
Medium Brushed
Brushed unfilled medium light..
Napoleon Marble
Noce Tumbled
Dark brown tumbled travertine..
Aegean Tumbled Travertine tiles
Ephesus Tumbled
Varied rustic tumbled travertine..
Light tumbled travertine
Silver Cross Cut
Silver honed and filled travertine..
Silver vein cut Travertine Tiles
Silver vein Cut
Linear Silver travertine..