Stone Flooring Aged Cream

Creme Alicante Marble tumbled, Lyon

Creme Alicante Marble tumbled

Creme Alicante

Opus Pattern x 13mm £43.80 £36.50
600 x 400 x 13mm £46.68 £38.90
Free Lengths x 500 x 15mm £55.40 £46.20
900 x 600 x 16mm £55.40 £46.20


600 x 400 x 13mm brushed £42.00 £35.00
Opus Pattern x 13mm £43.80 £36.50
Free Lengths x 400 x 13mm brushed £46.20 £38.50
Free Lengths x 600 x 15mm brushed £51.84 £43.20


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Creme Alicante is a uniform creamy coloured limestone with some quartz veins, tumbled aged finish, it is very hard and perfect for a busy kitchen floor.

This is available in two generous sizes and is our best selling floor. Also available brushed with sawn edges

It is suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, showers and flooring of any nature.

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Stone flooring are much easier to maintain than many would have you believe. It is advisable not to use traditional bathroom cleaners and scourers, but instead a mild ph soap. There are specialist soaps available such as Easy Care but many supermarkets now supply a Marseilles type soap for use on natural materials such as limestone, marble and wood.


Aged Stone Flooring

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