Exterior Paving and Flagstones

please refer also to Granite section much of which is available in heavy pavers with flamed or bush hammered finish.

Black Slate
Black Slate
Brazilian Slate paving..
Verde Slate
Barca Grey Tumbled
Grey limestone..
Grey Green Slatee
Grey Green Slate
Most popular slate in the UK..
modica tumbled
Modica Tumbled
Tumbled hard yellow creaam stone..
Black Limestone pavers
Black Limestone rough face..
Montclair Limestone
Dijon Beige Tumbled
Sandy oatmeal colour..
Bluestone tumbled
Bluestone Tumbled
Blue black hard stone..
Golden sandstone
Golden Sandstone
yellow gold sandy colour..
fossil sandstone
Fossil Sandstone
Buff to grey with fern markings..
Grey Sandstone
Grey Sandstone
Light grey coloured stone..
Copper Quartzite Slate
Indian Yorkstone
Buff to grey beige stone..
Autumn Sandstone
Autumn Mix
Random blend sandstone..

STONE FLOORING DIRECT is working hard to make your project successful and affordable. ABOUT US

We have a large range of exterior paving along with our interior tiles. Many of the products are suitable for interior and exterior use

The main items shown on this page are slate flags, sandstone paving and some limestone. However there are several more that are suitable for use as paving although not listed. Please enquire.

Our most popular paving products are the slate. They are available for interior use in 1cm thickness but as 20mm or even thicker for exterior paving or terraces, patios, footpaths and any outside use.

Browse our complete range of slate, travertine, marble and limestone flooring, antiqued stone flooring, heating pads and mosaic tiles, then call 020 7993 5437 to speak to one of our stone flooring experts, they’ll be happy to help with advice, information and orders for any of our natural stone floors.